Our Services


At Dolf Madi, our mandate is to be a leading provider of regional expertise in food and agriculture and to stand as key advisory partners on food security concerns, policy planning and strategy framework for sustainable development through agriculture in Africa. We draw on our expertise across industries and capabilities to develop and implement solutions that deliver the best results. We have a global network of agribusiness experts, and we work jointly with agricultural companies to address opportunities across agriculture sectors, including:

  • Agricultural chemicals and fertilizer producers
  • Biofuels
  • Protein (Fish Farming)
  • Raw materials & Crops (Cassava, Cocoa, Corn, Palm oil, Peanuts, Rice, Wheat, Oilseeds, Sugar)
  • Agriculture equipment (tractors, grain/protein processing equipment)

Dolf Madi and partners will initiate and support micro and macro level changes in agriculture by providing world class expertise and solutions for research, extension, education, training, institutional frame, policy planning, agribusiness and project consulting, so as to address the major agricultural concerns relating to farm production, food security, environment sustainability, rural employment, economic growth and human resource development.

We support our clients to build their growth strategies and adjust them to cope with emerging challenges. Our team will develop a needs analysis and help to develop practical programs for cost reduction, capital management and merger integration for all our projects, we have one goal: generating significant and tangible value for our clients.