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Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

For over a decade, Dolf Madi and partners have served as independent energy solution providers and served clients across North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. We support critical decisions across a broad range of strategic and operational functions, from business unit strategy and supply chain management to organization and IT.  We have helped our clients in several subsectors of the oil and gas industry, including:

  • Conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration and production
  • Midstream and downstream sectors
  • Refining and marketing
  • Oil field service
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Health, Safety and Security
  • Environmental
  • Supply and distribution

We have been amassing data, developing tools, technology and accumulating knowledge. Our experience has given us a deeper understanding of how to help our clients’ progress through the gates from when they identify a new field to the transportation of final product to port of delivery. Our motivated teams of oil and gas experts combine global experience and proprietary approaches and insights to unlock significant value.  Our growing team of partners and engineers, from North America, Europe and Asia are recognized as being the best in their fields, and their expertise can be combined to deliver objectives on each assignment we tackle. We believe that this shared desire to add value and discover best in class solutions for our clients is what sets us apart in the oil & gas industry.