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We start by conducting thorough economic, market and finance feasibility studies, complemented by architectural concept, land planning, engineering, and product and amenity recommendations and valuations. After all consulting activities and finance has been actualized, a pre-development period is used to perfect working drawings, engineering and implement the marketing plan.

Using its resources and substantial experience, Dolf Madi identifies credible financing groups to structure and place finance (both debt and equity) for our clients projects in Africa and North America. Capital risk is carefully assessed by our team and financing programs are designed to minimize and halt the risk of each transaction. Our partners use guarantees and various approaches to finance infrastructure and vertical construction.

Our partners, Teknoplant's PACE System systematically solves the many years of project after project inefficiencies that occur as a result of uncoordinated approach to execution. `Plans and Schedules' need to be implemented. PACE now provides you the systems and tools to operationalize the plans in day to day works. Pace provides alignment for Capital facilities projects, helps in ownership, execution & completion of work, helps reduce indirect costs.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in corporate social responsibility and this is very important to us and the respective governments and corporate groups we work with worldwide. It influences every aspect of our operations, the way we do business with our clients, the way we contribute to our communities and manage our impact on the environment. We do this by:

  • Promoting education, sports, health and wellness, unity, peace and progress, in our target countries.
  • Supporting the economic empowerment of youths and women.
  • Implementing solutions to social, political and economic challenges confronting the African continent
  • Engaging youths, women and others in accordance with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Promoting the exchange of economic opportunities among conventionally marginalized groups.
  • Leveraging sports and entertainment for youth empowerment and development
  • Business Management, ICT solutions and Human Capital Asset Development.

View Teknoplant PACE new system for solving execution problems in capital facilities projects.

View Teknoplant PACE system